Creative Hub Veneto will encourage SMEs, ICCs, and every other interested stakeholders and players, to create, explore and share. It will act as a virtual containerz that supports and facilitates business and community engagement, collaboration and networking between Cultural and Creative Industries and Small and Medium Enterprises, focusing on Veneto region and especially on Venice province.

Creative Hub Veneto bases its activities upon observation of local context, of its resources, needs and challenges, trying to translate them into stimuli for innovative cooperations that will contribute to satisfying them. It aims at inspiring people and connecting them to realize entrepreneurial, cultural, creative, artistic and social ideas. The idea is to offer creative and cultural operators and SMEs, as well as any other interested part, a chance to aggregate, to discover new possibilities to develop projects and businesses and to grow. The HUB will approach both Cultural and Creative Industries and traditional sectors with a common methodology design thinking oriented. The methodology proposed will aim at creating new relationships among Creative&Cultural Industries, creative practionners and Industry, based on the identification of solutions/proposals creative/artistic-based matching with problems/demands coming by the Industry.

To achieve these objectives, Creative Hub Veneto will have a team of experts (trained during DIVA project) supported by a toolkit. Digital technologies and a well-populated web-site will increase the impact of the activities to be carried out and strengthen the involvement of the target users.

In order to do so, it will seek to attract people coming from a range of different backgrounds and ages, and to facilitate their collaboration both in the physical and in the digital space. It must leverage on the added value of each different sector and on their creative and entrepreneurial energy; it will therefore facilitate understanding, trust, confidence, flows of ideas and innovation and the development of a culture of collaboration and of lasting connections between them.